Company issued notice

AN improvement notice was issued to a construction company that is working on a building at Labasa Town.

This was confirmed by Minister for Employment Jone Usamate after few concerns raised by a concerned member of the public yesterday.

“Our Labasa staff members have visited the site and that all necessary safety signs, personal protective equipment and prior approval for construction were in place,” he said.

Mr Usamate said the improvement notice was issued to the company at 10am to remove the extended scaffolding by 11am.

“The company immediately removed all extension after the barricade and the walkway is clear and safe for the public,” he said.

“All construction companies need to ensure that they comply with all OHS requirements. If they are not sure of what these requirements are, they can always contact our offices or me personally.”

Jone Leweni who raised the concern said the extension was a risk to people who use the walkway.

“Few days ago, there were construction workers working on top of the extension while people are walking on the walkway,” he said.

Mukesh Chand who handles business on behalf of the company said they had put up walls over the construction site.

“It is safe now for people to use the walkway as our construction workers are now working in the middle of the building during the day and at night they work on the side of the building so they don’t have to interfere with the people’s safety,” he said.

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