Company hands over $6000 to school facility

Mechanical Services Ltd company managing director Shiv Nand Sharma hands over cheques worth $6000 to Fiji Society for the Blind executive director Barbara Farouk yesterday. Picture: MONIKA SINGH

MECHANICAL Services Ltd yesterday handed over $6000 in cheques to the Fiji Society for the Blind for their upgrade projects.

Company managing director Shiv Nand Sharma had celebrated his 70th birthday over the weekend and instead of gifts he had requested guests to give whatever they could with proceeds to be handed over to the Fiji Society for the Blind.

Mr Sharma said he was surprised to see that some of the guests had given as much as $1000 for the cause. He handed over the cheques to Fiji Society for the Blind’s executive director Barbara Farouk who said they would use the money to construct some overhead shelter for the students at the school.

Ms Farouk said they had 31 students in total out of which 17 were boarders at the school.

According to Ms Farouk they were trying to work with some companies in finding job placements for their students who had graduated but were finding some difficulty.

Mr Sharma said he would get a group of his staff members together and visit the school to see how they could help in carrying out maintenance work at the premises.

Meanwhile company general manager Shonal Sharma said it would be effective if companies could adopt such schools and organisations and collect funds which could be handed over to the organisations at the end of the year.

He said it would assist such organisations in times of need.