Company faced challenges in sourcing trees

INDICATIONS that Nabou Green Energy Ltd was facing issues in fuel supply were revealed by chairman Filimone Kau at last year’s Blue-Green energy symposium in Nadi.

The Fiji Times reported Mr Kau saying the company was facing challenges in sourcing enough trees and plant material to produce a consistent supply of electricity.

Nabou Green Energy Ltd, located on the Queens Rd midway between Nadi and Sigatoka, is a $100 million investment by Tropik Wood Industries Ltd and a consortium of three Korean firms.

Mr Kau said planting their own forest was the answer.

He said if the plant received 150 to 200 tonnes of plant material on a daily basis, it would have the capacity to power Nadi and parts of Sigatoka.

Mr Kau said the 12 megawatt biomass energy plant sourced fuel from forestry and factory residues but would soon resort to its own plantations once they reached maturity.

He also said that apart from providing renewable energy, the plant was also helping to rid the Western Division of 700m tonnes of African Tulips — an invasive plant species.

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