Company christens 2 vessels

VICTORIA Marine Ltd has achieved yet another milestone. Yesterday, the company christened its new tug and barge at Port Mua-i-walu in Suva.

Company director Josateki Tagi said the two new vessels together with maintenance cost them around $900, 000.

The barge Colossus is 52 metres long and can carry 1200 tonnes of cargo and their tug Burdekin has a pulling capacity of 33 tonnes. This basically means it can pull the barge with a 200 hosepower engine.

“We bought the barge off a company in Seaswift in Cairnes, Australia and the tug was purchased from a company called Hopper Construction which does civil works in New Zealand, it’s only about two months now since we bought the pair,” Mr Tagi said.

“These two have to work together so basically it can move any type of cargo to the island and back and forth and we carry machineries, building materials but in large volumes so our game plan is not to hinder or cross any small operator’s line.

“We hope to develop our own route and our own clients focusing more on infrastructure development, not only locally but regionally too.”

Victoria Marine Ltd also owns MV Sea Rakino and MV Brianna.

MV Brianna runs the franchise route for Northern Lau which includes stops at Vanua Balavu, Yacata, Cikobia, Tuvuca and Cicia and upper Southern Lau; Lakeba and neighbouring islands.

The MV Sea Rakino does the franchise run for northern Vanua Levu calling at Malau, Udu Point, Cikobia, Naqelelevu, Rabi and Natewa Bay.

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