Company breaks into boat-building industry

A NEW boat construction company is growing steadily in the local industry after the launch of the 36Viwa at Bau Landing last week.

Silverwaters Fiberglass Boats & Products owner Frank Hagamushi was a happy man as they delivered the 36 feet fibreglass boat to their client Pacific Line Production.

Mr Hagamushi has links to Viwa Island, off the coast of Bau Landing past Nausori.

He ventured into boatbuilding after learning about it on YouTube and networking with boatbuilders, suppliers and mentors in the business.

“We started with small boats and tried really hard to get ourselves into the market. I can say that we’re slightly established with clients from regional Pacific Island countries like Samoa and Vanuatu and we’re looking to penetrate more into the Pacific, do more work and employ more people,” he said.

The best thing about this initiative is the fact that most of the boatbuilders were employed from rural areas.

They were trained on the spot and through trial and error, the group improved their craftsmanship.

“This is not about the boat, it’s a product, it’s about the passion,” said the entreprenuer.

“We’ve tried to master it from the start of the company until now. But the whole thing is the passion to help people. I like helping people and my policy has always been I cannot help people if they’re not able to help themselves.

“We’ve always built small boats and the idea was to establish the smaller ones first before we jump on to the bigger ones.

“I’m very thankful to Pacific Line Production, the partners of the Survivor series, a TV production happening in the Yasawas.

“That particular boat is rural made, designed and built by rural youths and young men we’ve been training over the years.”

The company’s boats are sold at Courts, Vinod Patel’s Home & Living and Asco Motors.

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