Company achieves milestone

NADI-BASED Denarau Corporation Ltd has achieved a milestone after being accredited with ISO9001:2105 certification last month.

A DCL statement said in today’s business world, the certification gave the company recognition and credibility of its commitment to compliance and an internationally recognised quality management system.

Company chairman Pramesh Sharma said Telarc SAI Limited (Telarc), a New Zealand based international certification body and accreditation agency, went through a thorough audit and conformity assessment on DCL prior to this accreditation.

He said the accreditation would enhance all stakeholders’ investment on Denarau Island.

“The management team of DCL has been busy putting together a quality management system that will make DCL internationally certified and able to meet stakeholder needs and expectations as well as comply with all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements,” he said.

To achieve these objectives, DCL was required to establish a quality management system and demonstrate how it would continually try and improve the suitability, adequacy, sustainability and effectiveness of an ISO system.

Telarc reviewed and assessed all requirements in areas of DCL’s structure, objectives, risks, processes and process interactions. Telarc also considered the competency of DCL’s personnel and the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

The system known as ISO 9001:2015 was first published in 1987, updated in 1994, and again in 2000 and 2008. The current version was published in September 2015 and it is the fifth edition of ISO9001. This system cancels and replaces all previous editions.

To conform to the ISO9001 standards, DCL were required to meet every prerequisite of the standard.

General manager security, compliance and risk of DCL, Neil Parsons, led the process for accreditation after reviewing and formulating improved quality management systems.

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