Community visitations positive, says Kumar

COMMUNITY visitations recently conducted by SODELPA’s multi-ethnic wing of its Northern branch have been a success.

The party’s multi-ethnic wing Northern branch president Satendra Kumar described the communities as being positive.

“It’s encouraging to see the different communities being receptive to our team when we visited them and the fact that they’re being positive is empowering,” he said.

“We have visited communities around the North including Kioa Island in Cakaudrove and those under our multi-ethnic group.

“This visit is to basically do our ground-work in identifying our contacts at community level.”

For Kioa Island, Mr Kumar said the team visited more than a month ago and positive issues were raised by islanders.

“I have seen that people are willing to work together and they agree to issues that we discuss during the meeting,” he said.

“In our community visits, we never encountered any situation of disunity or differences among the communities.

“The people can easily identify with pressing issues that affects them and this becomes a very interesting discussion and meetings.”

Mr Kumar said identifying community contacts was not an easy task.

“But we believe in serving the communities, so we go out there, whether it’s raining or fine, serving people is paramount.

“For our multi-ethnic group, meetings and visitations to the people have been positive. There’s a lot to talk about and we also learn new things about the different communities we visited and we’ve also been educated.”

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