Community media amplifies women’s voices

Sharon Rolls at a weekend training for regional participants of its Womens Weather Watch programme. Picture: LICE MOVONO

COMMUNITY media is about interpersonal communication where we’re collecting stories from communities in order to amplify women’s voices.

This was highlighted by femLINK Pacific’s Executive Producer-Director Sharon-Bhagwan-Rolls during their regional women’s weather watch network meeting held in Suva today.

Ms Bhagwan-Rolls said this regional program continues the work femLINK Pacific does around peace and human security.

“With a focus on really targeting the humanitarian sector, this is exactly what women have said and is reflected on the Pacific Regional action plan on women, peace and security,” she said.

Ms Bhagwan-Rolls added the regional network meeting tries to influence change in increasing the recognition of women’s decision making in disaster preparedness.

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