Communities learn food preservation

Participants with their certificates after completing the Live More Abundantly training program in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Drought-affected communities in the Western Division learnt how to preserve and store food during the dry season at a workshop organised by the Adventists Development Relief Agency (ADRA) Fiji in Ba recently.

ADRA Fiji Wai Pro Resilience Project manager Ilimeleki Kaiyanuyanu said the training was organised to teach community representatives food preservation during the dry season.

“Part of this project is to actually look at nutrition and the need to fully utilise and minimise on wastage when there is no water, especially in drought affected areas,” he said.

“When we have access to food products at a time when there is more rain, we can preserve these products or value-add them and stock them up for the dry season.

“These community representatives will go back and share the knowledge they have learnt today to their fellow villagers.

“This can also be a source of livelihood for them if they put more time into it and invest and earn money by selling such food stuff.

“Most of the preserved food uses natural sweetness from the fruits, they have less salt and less sugar to help with nutrition.”

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