Commonwealth Games

What’s the logic behind sending the respective sporting teams to the Commonwealth Games when we know beforehand we will not get the desired results?

Doesn’t it make sense to pour more money on the weight-lifting and the Fiji sevens team?

Since taxpayers’ money is being invested, I strongly believe these sporting bodies must be accountable for their poor performance.

I believe Fiji netball has been really disappointing and as usual development and young players will be made as scapegoats.

I believe it’s time that the coach must move on and executives do the honourable thing and tender their resignation.

No doubt Eileen Cikamatana must be rewarded by the Government.

What an awesome performance by this young girl!

It will never get easier, you just get better and strive towards an Olympics gold medal and make Fiji and Levuka proud. It’s very simple, the Fiji sports commission must stop funding those team that don’t perform.

Let’s not waste taxpayers’ money and make these trips a holiday.

So much hype before the games but very disappointing performance! Our hope now is with the Fiji sevens team.

A criteria must be set for funding because some sporting teams are simply showing laxity in all areas.

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