Commercial building goes up in flames in Nausori

Update: 11:48PM RAGING inferno destroyed the partly-wooden building that houses Carpenters Finance and its retail outlet on main street Nausori tonight.

Aside from the fire brigade from the Nausori station, a number of fire trucks had to fight its way through heavy traffic on the Kings Road to reach the scene.

Taxi drivers and food vendors in Nausori we spoke to tonight said the fire broke out at around 9pm.

At a little after 10pm, the blaze continued to strengthen, lighting up the dark skies in the small town, and firefighters seen trying hard to prevent the fire from spreading to the neighbouring building.

Fire trucks were seen leaving and arriving at the scene, believed to have gone to replenish water supply.

Police and officers from the National Fire Authority cordoned off both ends of the main street to avoid notoriously curious bystanders from approaching the scene.

Police had to chase people from the MH Value carpark, which is only metres away from the blazing flames.

Fiji Times Online will gather facts from authorities before it can provide a more detailed report.

Click this link to view the live footage taken at the scene:

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