Coming out in white

The weather forecast looks gloomy, but is gradually weakening and there is a hint of sunshine in the coming days, and this looks like the forecast for our rugby this weekend.

First up, big thanks to the Bati for an outstanding game on Saturday.

I tell you, we had our hearts in our mouths, well not sure about the rest of the nation, as we were drinking some pure waka, and to top it off it was 10 years old, but boy did you guys show up and rock the Cake Tin.

Not to take away anything from our Flying Fijians who have proven that this year’s Northern tour is no pushover and gave the Shamrock a run for their money, so all in all it was a feast of rugby.

We all know that our teams can attack on any given day, but our defence was as solid as a rock and hats off to both teams.

Now let’s mix them up this weekend and go for glory, we only live once and I urge us all at home to wear white this Friday in honour of our boys and to those in Brisbane or nearby, please show up and put a white patch in Suncorp.

Toso Viti!

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