Combating poverty in Fiji

Apisalome Tudreu (left) and Nacanieli Nacanaitaba from the Methodist Church in Fiji after the closing of the National Poverty Forum at Novotel Hotel conference room, Lami last week. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE Government should work with faith based-organisations in combating poverty in Fiji.

This is the view of the Methodist Church of Fiji’s secretary of christian citizenship and social services, Apisalome Tudreu.

He said the church has worked tirelessly to take people out of poverty, but these efforts were not recognised.

“We want to work with government in helping Fijians out of poverty,” he said.

“Sometimes our work aren’t recognised.

“The churches are willing to work with other agencies in setting policies to assist people in poverty.”

“It’s about time that we should start looking at poverty from a different perspective, at the moment we are just measuring poverty according to household income.

“We should look into other issues such as access to education, health and housing.”

Mr Tudreu said over the past years, his department has been responsible for overseeing the welfare of church members.

“Government has been doing a great job in improving services such as health, housing and education.”

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