Colour codes for taxi plates

LTA Board Chairperson Vijay Maharaj showing the new colour coded taxi number plates. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Land Transport Authority will soon roll out zonal number plates for all taxis as a safety measure.

This was confirmed by the authority’s board chairman, Vijay Maharaj, at a press conference held in Suva yesterday.

Mr Maharaj the reactive measure would be put in place as their enforcement officers found several vehicles with non-conforming number plates this week.

“Earlier this week, our enforcement team in one of its routine operations confiscated a fake number plate that was on a taxi, while the taxi itself was a registered vehicle, the number plate was made by an external vendor,” Mr Maharaj said.

He said this was a criminal offence and had issued a stern warning to all drivers to be weary of the fake number plates.

“Under the act, drivers who modify their vehicles illegally could be fined up to $1000 and even be imprisoned,” he said.

“We urge vehicle owners to come to LTA to get their number plates issued, and not to any vendors.”

Mr Maharaj added as a security measure, LTA would be issuing zone colour coding number plates for taxis.

“The zone coding of number plates is expected to increase transparency and ease enforcement operations because once this colour coding comes into effect, from a far distance you will know exactly which zone this taxi belongs too,” he said.

“The plate colour for all taxis running in the Northern Division will be a shade of orange while the western taxi plate colour is sky blue, this is followed by lime green for all Central/Eastern taxis.”

LTA is yet to determine who is behind the manufacturing of these fake number plates as investigations continue.

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