College asks Government for help

New graduates of the Corpus Christi Teachers College Toaki Moaniba (left) and Kelera Rokomarama with Sister Maria after their graduation ceremony and mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

IF Corpus Christi Teachers College is providing good educational service to the people, then we humbly request the Government to consider uplifting the institution’s resources.

This was the message relayed by principal Remesio Rogovakalali during their annual graduation ceremony at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva on Thursday.

Mr Rogovakalali said this was their 58th graduation ceremony.

He said 26 students graduated, bringing the total number of graduates to 1449 since the first graduation in 1960.

He said they had been consulting from the beginning of the year to upgrade their diploma and certificate to a degree level Bed Hon which is higher than Bachelor’s Degree.

He acknowledged the graduates for their immense contribution towards the CCTC community.

“We congratulate you on your achievements, as a parting plea from all of us at the college, we urge you to be ever mindful of your commitment to God and the people you will serve,” he said.

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