Collect and use free rainwater

Did you know that 100,000 litres of rainwater falls on the roof of a home every year and nearly all of this goes straight down the drain? You can collect and use this free water to.

* Wash vehicles;

* Water your garden;

* Wash your driveways and outside areas;

* Hot water systems and

* Clothes washing machines.

Get a quality water tank to store your water in — Rota tanks are the only tanks in Fiji that are certified to Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 4766 standards.

This means the water stored in it is safe for human consumption and the tank will last its warranty life.

* Tough, durable and dependable;

* Made from non-toxic, food grade polyethylene;

* 20-year warranty;

* Easy to install and

* Available in various sizes.

A first flush diverter improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain roof contaminants, from entering the tank.

They help ensure cleaner water is available for use, which protects rainwater pumps and internal household appliances such as clothes washing machines, toilets, hot water systems, etc.

Features and benefits — first flush water diverter

* Prevents sediment, bird droppings, spiders, insects, mosquito eggs and debris from entering the rainwater tank;

* Improves water quality, protects pumps and internal appliances;

* Ideal to use in conjunction with a rain head;

* Easy installation, just add pipe and glue;

nNo mechanical parts and

* Low maintenance requirements

Install leaf eater — The leaf eater keeps your rain harvesting system free of mosquitoes, vermin, and debris. Proven and trusted for over 17 years.

Features and benefits — leaf eater

* The original high performance rain head;

* Prevents debris entering the tank which improves tank water quality and reduces maintenance;

nPrevents blocked downpipes which stops backflow of water into gutters;

* High flow rate performance;

* Superior catchment efficiency at low and high flow rates and

* Easy to paint.

A tank water gauge makes it easy for you to monitor the amount of water in your tank.

It’s easy — anyone can do it. Start saving water today.

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