Collaborative effort

DIGICEL Fiji chief executive officer Mike Greig says his goal is to drop the number of complaints against Sky Pacific and Unwired by more than 50 per cent over the next six months.

His comment were made in reaction to the announcement by Consumer Council of Fiji that since 2011 there had been 191 complaints registered at the council against Digicel Fiji and Unwired services while the council also recorded 226 complaints against Sky Pacific services since 2016.

Mr Greig met council acting chief executive officer Seymour Singh this week to discuss issues raised by consumers and deliberate on possible avenues for consumer redress.

“We acknowledge that significant improvement is needed in the area of service delivery particularly for Sky Pacific and Unwired services.

“We work hard to try and meet the needs of our customers and delight our customers in every way that we can,” said Mr Greig.

“Most recently, we re-organised the way our customers contact us, to make that a faster process, we have added more staff to our contact center to assist with speedy resolutions, we are working very hard with our field technicians to do a better job in resolving issues and lastly we have identified a plan whereby we will meet with the council monthly to look at complaints and try and resolve them and make sure that we improving always,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Singh said the recurring issues raised by consumers ranged from network/technical issues such as unstable internet connection, channel outages and channel scrambling; subscriber account issues such as account not updated after payment, delayed reconnection of account, no reminder message on data cap information sent to Digicel customers and account disconnected before due date; equipment issues such as modem and decoder not in proper working condition; and customer service issues such as delayed response from Digicel on customer queries.

However, Mr Singh said the meeting was a first step in bringing closure to consumer complaints and the council looked forward to ensuring they received their money’s worth from services provided by Digicel Fiji, Sky Pacific and Unwired.

After the meeting between the council and Digicel Fiji, the two organisations have agreed to a monthly review of all complaints received by the council against the provider in order to ensure they are resolved.

“We are encouraged that Digicel Fiji has shown a willingness to be responsive and address the needs of consumers, indeed this bodes well for consumers and the council is optimistic of positive outcomes for consumers seeking redress,” Mr Singh said following the meeting.

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