Collaborative approach needed for rational prescription of medicine

FIVE medicines that the Fiji Pharmaceutical Society have noticed have been prescribed irrationally include antibiotics, cold and flu medicines, analgesics, antithistamines and corticosteroids.

While speaking at the Fiji College of General Practitioners conference earlier today, FPS vice-president Joshila Lal said the move to ensure rational use of medicine was something that could not be tackled overnight.

“We need a collaborative approach and we need pharmacists, doctors, we need nurses to work together with our patients and the community,” Ms Lal said.

FPS president, Renshika Sen said it was also vital for GPs to put checks in place for children’s medicinal dozes.

“If you’re going to be a GP and you’re going to be seeing children, you have to have a scale somewhere,” Ms Sen said.

“There is no evidence for antibiotics prescribed for viral infection. We have said this over and over again, so please stop prescribing antibiotics for viral infection.”

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