Coconut plants ‘cyclone tolerant’

A VARIETY of coconut plants in Fiji have been labelled cyclone tolerant, which experts say will be beneficial to boost the future of the industry.

According to Dr Roland Bourdeix, the compact dwarf variety is a fascinating coconut plant in Fiji.

Dr Bourdeix is a member of the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD).

He is one of the participants at a training workshop on coconut production and seeds systems in Nadi this week.

He said they had an international network with more than 41 countries.

“We tried to gather all available information on all varieties and something very interesting that is happening in Fiji is that people are developing new kind of varieties, for example, the compact dwarf,” he said.

“They are the future of coconut varieties and why they are crucial is because they grow very slowly and have wide and thick stems so they are adapted to gardens and are quite tolerant to cyclones because the stem is fit and solid.

“I think this kind of variety and hybrids made together from those varieties are the future of the coconut industry.”

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