Coastline decimated

VILLAGES along the coastline of Nakorotubu District in Ra were decimated by strong winds and three metre waves brought by Severe TC Winston.

Navitilevu, Nasau, Veidrala, Nacobau and Namarai had homes completely destroyed by strong winds, flying debris and huge waves that entered homes leaving nothing but skeletal frames of houses.

The villages which are only accessible by boat were a few of the worst affected communities in the district.

Nasau Village headman Inisio Navuasese said 10 houses in his small village were completely flattened.

“We have only two houses and are barely standing and they are being used as places to eat,” Mr Navuasese said.

“There is barely any food left and we are surviving on what we could save from our farms.”

He said the biggest need at the village and all of the other villages in the district was food supply and tents that could provide temporary shelter for the homeless.

Veidrala villager Vilive Vatu said most of the villagers were sleeping outside after the cyclone hit their village.

“When it rained on Sunday and Monday afternoon, we were soaking wet and just slept under what we could find to shelter us from the rain.

“We have water now which was one of the most important things that we needed to get before anything else.

“We can live without food but not water.”

Namarai Disaster Management Committee chairman Iowane Buka said about 30 houses in Namarai were completely destroyed.

“We had 17 people badly injured and about 130 people now living in our evacuation centre,” Mr Buka said.

Tales of destruction was common along the coastline community where help is yet to reach.

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