Coalition ruled out in Tahiti election – Temaru

PAPE’ETE, 26 APRIL 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) – The leader of French Polynesia’s pro-independence party has ruled out entering into a coalition for the second round of the territorial election.

Oscar Temaru made the statement on Tahiti Nui TV after the leader of the Tapura Huiraatira Party claimed a coalition had formed against his party.

Edouard Fritch said the Tavini and the Tahoeraa had common ground in being both against the current autonomy statute.

In the first round of the election, the Tapura came first and if it secures the same support in the next round, it will get a large majority in the assembly.

Temaru said there would be no coalition, making the second round a race between three parties.

He called on those who stayed away last weekend to go and vote after turnout had dropped to 61 percent…. PACNEWS

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