Coach sets plan

THE Solomon Islands may have won a place to the FIFA Futsal World Cup, but the coach has set plans for the next four years.

Juliano Schmeling led the Kurukuru team to five from five to gain a spot to the World Cup but he believes they need to do the hard yards for the next couple of months before the tournament in September.

“We will sit down with the federation and discuss for the next four or five months for Colombia but the main thing is to discuss about futsal development in the Solomons. It’s too soon to say what to expect. I have a squad of thirty players in the Solomons, so I have more players, they need to train and prepare,” he said.

With the pools yet to be determined, he said competition calibre is high as the top teams in the world will be competing.

“We need to determine which pool we will be in because when you talk about Brazil, Spain, Russia, it’s a different level, we need to be very realistic. So far we need to do our job, get back, get involved with the players in the squad, go for training and then see what will come for the World Cup and see what teams we need to play against,” he said.

The Kurukuru team had defeated Fiji 5-0 in their final match of the OFC futsal championship, paving the way for what they call the Road to Colombia.

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