Coach lodges complaint on alleged police action

LAUTOKA football team coach Kamal Swamy has lodged a complaint with the Fiji Police Forces claiming he was allegedly manhandled by a police officer at Subrail Park, Labasa, last weekend.

Swamy took his team to play Labasa in the Vodafone Premier League competition and it was alleged he was not happy with how the match officials were controlling the match.

In a video which was posted on social media — Facebook, it showed one of the police officers pushing Swamy by the head and grabbed his T-shirt before he was was escorted out of the ground.

Swammy recently returned from India for a medical operation.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed that a complaint was lodged by Swamy.

“Confirming a report was lodged by Swamy and investigations are ongoing,” she said.

Swamy said Fiji Football Association was also conducting its internal investigation on the matter.

It was alleged the fourth official passed remarks to Swamy which he did not like that started the incident.

Fiji Football Association CEO Bob Kumar refused to comment on the matter.

“I am not supposed to give any information or any report to The Fiji Times and to you. Thank you,” he said.

When this newspaper questioned him on what was the reason for not giving comments to this newspaper, Kumar disconnected the call.

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