CMF annual conference renamed Global Mission Conference

CMF pastors with their wives during the confrence at Kinoya today. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE yearly Christian Mission Fellowship (CMF) conference is now known as the Global Mission Conference and is underway at the World Harvest Center in Kinoya, Suva this week.
CMF media liaison officer Fauoro Titifanua said the change in name symbolised the church’s commitment to the Great Commission.
The Great Commission is referenced from the Holy Bible in the gospel of Matthews where Jesus told his disciples to go out into the nations to make disciples in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
She said the CMF church was now part of the global network of churches where they have synergised all their efforts to reach the world by 2030.
“The annual conference, which is now the Global Mission Conference, is when we bring back all our missionaries from around the world, and they come and talk about the work that they do,” Ms Titifanua said.
There are programs and themes set up for this week where the congregation and members of the public have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers and receive feedback from Fijian missionaries who have been out in different parts of the world, spreading the word of God.
“There’s a Fijian family that’s lived in Madagascar for 12 years. So we have missionaries in Laos, Vietnam and these are highly prosecuted places.”
She said when missionaries travel to the different parts of the world, they take with them the Fijian hospitality and spirit which also enriches the lives of people they meet.

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