Clothes washed once a week

Young Nacula villagers, Saimone Naivalu and Kinijoji Bebe retrieve water from a well that the villagers heavily depend on during the dry season. Picture: SUPPLIED/LAVENIA NAIVALU

Women of Naisisili Village in Yasawa are only allowed to wash clothes once a week so more water could be stored for their daily needs.

Village headman Tevita Ratu said water crisis on the island continued to worsen these past two months and they only hoped some water carting assistance would reach their shores soon.

“The taps are closed at least every two to three days and we only allow the ladies to do their washing once a week because we are worried of the water levels which continue to dry up slowly,” Mr Ratu said.

“We are heavily dependent on the solar-operated borehole but it seems to have not been working up to standard recently because at most times, the sun is not up despite the dry weather hence affecting its functions.

“We do hope some form of assistance will be available in the village soon so we will be able to refill our water tanks and the village dam.”

Mr Ratu said the water woes situation was not that bad last year compared with the current situation.

He hoped villagers would be assisted soon as water was a basic necessity of life.

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