Climate change clubs

CLIMATE change clubs have been established in two secondary schools in Labasa aimed at involving students in projects that deals with climate change impacts.

Founded by Fiji National University lecturer Pardeep Lal, the 35 club members of Waiqele College and Bulileka College are tasked with various projects.

Mr Lal said the support from teachers had been tremendous.

“Teachers have been guiding the club members and these projects are ongoing and more students could join next year and thereafter,” he said.

“There are four main activities and projects that are designed for students. These are school-based projects and cuts across different subject areas.

“The projects are tree-planting project, composting, utilising the concept of reducing and recycling, sorting out and separating rubbish — plastics and papers.

“Plastics are not thrown in incinerators for burning and education and awareness are also held together with accompanying articles on environment and climate change on notice board.”

Mr Lal said the club members would initially start with school-based programs.

“They may proceed to community-based projects like for those at Waiqele College, the clean river project will be carried out this year,” he said.

He added, despite a notice board placed near the Nakama river warning not to throw rubbish — people continued dumping rubbish into the river.

“So in partnership with the local village, we will proceed with this project. Environment education and activities are best when there is partnership between institutions, communities and businesses.”

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