Climate change an issue at Oneata

Students discuss the impact of climate change. Picture: MELA KATONIVUALIKU

WITH a school roll of 38 pupils and with its motto of ‘Acquire the Strength of Knowledge to Serve’ students of Oneata District School in Southern Lau have been busy in the classrooms learning about climate change.

An island school that is feeling the brunt of the rising sea-level, teachers together with government and non-government organisations have been working relentlessly on adaptation and mitigation measures as a result of climate change.

The senior students were singing nursery rhymes to the young ones in early education.

Teacher in charge Makelesi Momoyalewa said their main focus is to ensure the students remain focused on school work.

She said their students believe climate change is real as they witness on a day to day basis their shoreline being washed away little by little by the waves.

Life in the island school could be tough at times, but Mrs Momoyalewa said everything was made possible because everyone looked out for each other to ensure the welfare and safety of children are always paramount.

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