Climate change

Voreqe Bainimarama is the UN’s COP 23 president and he is doing his level best to garner support from world leaders and member countries in his endeavour to fight climate change issues that are a reality and priority right now, the fight to protect our very wellbeing and survival.

Our PM is very passionate about climate change and it is a daunting task indeed, a pressing issue that requires the support of the world and all Fijians alike, but I believe, Mr Rabuka’s call that Mr Bainimarama is interfering in US politics is childish and unrealistic.

Donald Trump has withdrawn his support from the COP 22 Paris Agreement, but I believe not his individual sovereign State governors who are standing by the COP 23 presidency in their support for our PM as they are sensible enough to understand its negative impact on our planet Earth.

There is absolutely no politics in these American State governors’ endorsement and it is sensible, positive and is a move in the right direction, Veto powers in the UN by the US President or not, he is only one person out of the many other very responsible PMs and presidents from member countries.

COP 23 is independent and very sad to note the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement because US is the second largest industrial polluter.

I believe, Mr Rabuka should know by now that US is the land of the free and brave.

They are only fully exercising their democratic rights just as Mr Trump did, but very sad to note that this former PM cannot see the importance of the immediate effects of climate change throughout Fiji and other small island nations in the Pacific.

I believe his criticism of Mr Bainimarama is uncalled for, unpatriotic and irresponsible to say the least. May be it would be fair to ask where will his great-grandchildren live when he is long gone. Or is it his responsibility to leave behind a safer environment for them to enjoy just as he did.

I believe Mr Rabuka should learn to look after his own back yard first.

It makes me wonder why he cannot support our PM on climate change as it will show maturity on his part, but I can only guess he is a very desperate returning politician who is hanging on to his last straw.

Unrealistic and insensitive indeed.

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