Cleaning water spots from your car

Whether your car gets wet from washing, the rain or splashes from puddles, there are always residues that create spots on your car.

According to the here are a few ways to remove the spots and leave your car clean and shiny.
Car paint cleaning polish

It is the best way to remove water spots from car windows that you can try on the first hand if you have the ingredients ready.

You would need a medium buffing pad and car paint cleaning polish. Take the drill, attach the pad and scrub the glass at medium speed.

Make sure you have the paint removing polish sufficient on the pad. In a few scrub movements, the spots should be removed leaving the glass clear.

Lemon juice
If you do not find the first one ideal or if it does not work in your case, rubbing the lemon is the way out.

Take a fresh lemon and rub or squeeze the juice on the window glass making circular movements.

After a minute or two, the spots should be disappeared, or you can give it a few more trials. Use a towel to clean off the excess and see if the spots are gone for good.

You can also buy any citrus-based essential oil and try rubbing it on the surface, and this is how to remove hard water stains from car windows.

Vinegar solution
Another solution depicts the blends of vinegar and water, or you can take the vinegar alone. Many times the high concentration of vinegar seems to be working instead of the diluted version.

It can be the quickest home remedy as almost every kitchen has vinegar and so you don’t need to rely on making a purchase.

In most cases, the above method works well, and if it does not, you can spray the vinegar solution on the glass.
Let it be there for a few minutes, take a towel and rub it off. This is how removing water spots from car window using vinegar works as it softens the stubborn minerals. Reapply if needed else you are good to go.

Prevention methods to try
Prevent water from resting on the surface and clean it off instantly with a dry cloth.

Try the vinegar method, toothpaste or any method every week or whenever you detect any spots.

Use an oil-based cleaner that does not let the water stay and this way the glass won’t form any spots.

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