Cleanest diesel engine released

Isuzu Australia (IAL) lifted the curtain on its new F-Series to the Australian medium-duty truck market, boasting two brand new engines, with one Isuzu claims to be the cleanest Japanese medium-duty diesel engine available down-under.

IAL chief engineer Simon Humphries says the engine technology supporting the range represents a more cohesive and adaptable approach.

“With the new 2016 F Series range, we’ve developed the driveline technology to cater to an ever-changing market,” he says.

The completely redesigned 4HK1 is a 5.2 litre, four-cylinder, two-stage turbocharged and intercooled engine is available in two power ratings, a 154kW (207hp) and the more powerful 177kW (237hp).

The 4HK1 diesel engine generates improved power and torque ratings, with the 207hp models, the Isuzu FRR, FRD and FSS 4×4 all producing 726 Nm of torque, a 14 per cent increase in peak torque, and a 45 per cent torque increase at 1000 revs per minute because of the new two-stage turbo technology.

The new 4HK1 replaces the former six-cylinder engine in the 177kW models, yet offers the same peak power and up to eight per cent more torque at 765Nm of torque.

The 4HK1’s exhaust and emissions system has gained an external injector for the diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) to treat exhaust gas.

Isuzu launches 2016 F-Series truck range

Isuzu Australia has launched its newest medium-duty range at an event in Melbourne this week, unveiling the 2016 F-Series truck line-up with new engines, new look, and a new transmission option.

In a “severe usage” market, Isuzu Australia managing director and CEO Koichi (Mike) Yoda says the company focuses on reliability and durability when bringing the range to Australia and hopes the new F-Series will cater for broader customer needs.

The biggest change comes in the form of two new drivelines for the Isuzu range; the four-cylinder 4HK1 turbo-charged and intercooled diesel engine and the six-cylinder 6HK1 engine with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technology.

“We’re all too aware that the aims and ambitions of many larger fleets, as well as owner drivers, are aligned to sourcing better outcomes for our environment,” director and chief operating officer Phil Taylor says.

“We’ve responded to that, in particular, with the new 4HK1 engine technology, which is the cleanest Japanese medium-duty diesel engine currently available.”

Isuzu Australia says the smaller engine, which meets the Euro 6 emissions standard, is a “low displacement and high horsepower engine.

“For these models, the new 4HK1 replaces a six-cylinder engine, yet offers the same peak power and up to eight per cent more torque,” Isuzu says.

The addition of DOC to the exhaust and emissions systems removes the need for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or diesel particulate filter regenerations, Isuzu says, making it the only medium-duty truck engine to do so.

The truck maker says this will reduce service frequency for vehicles.

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