Clean-up campaign collects 900kg of garbage

Staff of Fiji Ports clean up along Stinson parade as part of their climate change awareness program. Picture: ATU RASEA

STAFF members of Fiji Ports Corporation Limited, Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji and the Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited and their family members today organised a clean-up campaign both on land and out at sea.

The clean-up campaign which is part of their contribution to the World Oceans Day and World Environment Day celebrations resulted in more than 900 kilograms of garbage collected.

Acting MSAF chief executive officer Captain Philip Hill said the clean-up campaign was also an opportunity to educate their children, friends and all others present on the need to protect our oceans and the environment.

“A lot of rubbish that is found out at sea is known as land waste, because these are rubbish not disposed of properly here on land and it washes out to sea,” Capt Hill said.

“So we would like to ask people to dispose of rubbish properly, so we do not pollute the ocean and the environment.”

The clean-up campaign started from Narain Jetty and ended at the Suva foreshore.

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