Classy tiles for your home

ALMOST everyone dreams of owning a beautiful home. These may differ in shape and size but the owner’s need for beauty and peace required is the same.

Vinod Patel brings Lezora DGVT — digital glazed vitrified tiles — to disperse that beauty and peace in your homes with its sensible collection of vitrified tiles. A classic collection to induce life into each and every nook and corner of your home and rejuvenate your senses with positive vibes.

Available at all Vinod Patel stores in Fiji, Lezora vitrified tiles can be used inside a home, be it finishing on the floor and/or walls.

Advantage; quality,

range and colours

Vitrified tiles are preferred mostly these days because of their quality and durability offers.

Manufactured through a process called vitrification, this gives the tiles extremely low porosity which decreases moisture absorption.

Since Lezora rustic porcelain tiles are machine-made products, they’re manufactured in a variety of colours and shapes. They are available polished, screen-printed, digital, glazed, double charged with different shades and thickness.

These elements play an important role in the design development of the tiles and can be mixed and matched to fit individual preferences and style as well as a variety of formats and sizes to cater to different market segments.

Available at 600×600 millimetres and 1200x600mm, a wide range of colours and designs are available at all Vinod Patel stores throughout Fiji.

The top benefits of using vitrified tiles are:

* Diversity;

* They save time;

* Well suited for all kinds of flooring;

* Durable and strong; and

* Less absorption.

Vitrified tiles for

flooring and interiors

Flooring being the foundation of any modern Fijian home, it must be strong enough for the long run.

Vitrified tiles certainly make an aesthetic impression as they are durable, easy affordable maintenance and fast to install – these are the most commonly laid down conditions for most architectural and interior elements for any given projects. Vinod Patel is an exclusive distributor of Lezora, a brand that offers product designs and quality on par with the best European brands at very competitive prices. Complying to International standards and ISO ratings, the brand focuses on producing full range of porcelain and glazed porcelain tiles for all applications and market segments. Backed by trendy product development and state-of-the-art production methods, each design is carefully thought and selected to reflect the epitome of lifestyle for every homes and projects.

The beauty of Lezora vitrified tiles is in its wide selection of designs, surfaces and functionalities which can be very personal for individuals.

So, if you’re looking at spicing up your home with tiles that will stand out, look no further than Vinod Patel Co Ltd and their exclusive range of Lezora vitrified tiles to suit your taste.

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