Clarifications from Kanwal family

With reference to Kirti Patel’s letter “Sincere apology” (FT 21/07) and “A great man” published in Your Voice (FT 20/07), the late Jogindar Singh Kanwal’s family would like to point out that the writer blames the source (Wikipedia) for her blunder although she claimed that “he became a good friend and mentor”. In her apology she writes, “I can only imagine the frustration and the sadness that source has created”. The writer needs to realise that she wrote about a different person using Wikipedia as her source.

We would like to let it be known to the general public that:

* the late Jogindar Singh Kanwal was never known as ‘Jaswant Singh Kanwal’;

* He was not born in ‘Moga District, Punjab, India’;

* He never left school as a teenager;

* He never visited Malaya;

* He was never conferred the Sahit Shiromani award;

* His novels were not about ‘rural life of Punjab’; and

* He never advocated for the Khalistan movement or had strong political affiliations.

The family is requesting potential contributors to verify their facts before publication.

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