Civil servants

I wish to acknowledge all civil servants for their hard work and sacrifice to our country. It must be tough having bosses who don’t acknowledge, support and mentor you when trying so hard to achieve targets with current chop and change, reactive termination and demotions at work.

For private companies, at least we can agree to disagree and still maintain our jobs. I empathise with teachers, medical and security professionals. It’s ironic that bosses can have so many portfolios and miss the most important point on human resources rationale and justice.

Jack of all trade and master of none equals fearful workers and poor results. When workers are trained and open to air their opinions without fear of intimidation or backlash, these lead to high self-esteem, and more competent team.

After all, the obvious result of happy workers make happy customers will be more prevalent when bosses are genuine developing and caring for their team.

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