Churches open door

THE Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma has requested all divisional superintendents and circuit members to make available all church buildings and halls as evacuation centres.

This was highlighted by Methodist Church in Fiji’s general secretary the Rev Ili Vunisuwai in a statement yesterday.

Mr Vunisuwai said because of the impact of Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni, most low-lying areas were likely to be flooded and these church buildings and halls would now serve as evacuation centres for the evacuees. “Everyone is to be received with love and care and the safety of women and children are to be priorities,” Mr Vunisuwai said.

“Our community members with disabilities and our senior citizens, also those with mental health should be identified and helped.”

He is also advising local churches that were not impacted by TC Keni, to collect clothes, beddings, eating utensils and mats to be dropped off at Jubilee Hall in Toorak, Suva.

He added this would be taken care of by the church’s disaster management unit that will also distribute aid to various affected areas.

Mr Vunisuwai is also urging members of the public to be aware of the weather updates and take precautionary measures.

“Let’s continue to practise Christ-like values and lend helping hands to those who are in need,” he said.

“The Bible is very clear about loving your neighbors and that means regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.”

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