Church to lease land

BEING the second biggest landowner in the country, the Methodist Church in Fiji continues to focus its attention in providing land for agriculture purposes and housing development in the country.

Newly-elected president Reverend Tevita Nawadra said the church would lease out its land to people who needed agriculture leases.

Mr Nawadra said the church had started leasing out agricultural land close to Navuso where the church had more than 300 acres of land.

“There are 17 families there now in the subdivision and there are 73 lots altogether in those acres of land and the church is trying to lease it out to people under the agriculture lease,” Mr Nawadra said.

“We want people to utilise the land and make a living for themselves, especially farmers. The farmers close to Navuso asked government to provide them with an access road and government has provided one.”

He said the next land development the church would be focusing on was the housing development in Davuilevu where the church had vacant pieces of land it had agreed to be used for housing.

“We can have 300 or 400 lots on that piece of land that can be sold for housing purposes, school development and for a retirement village.

“The development is situated close to the current Davuilevu housing project in Tuilovoni.”

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