Church to hold talks

CLIMATE change will be the top issue leaders of the Anglican Church from the Oceania region discuss when the Diocese of Polynesia Anglican Church hosts them in Suva next week.

Archbishop Dr Winston Halapua said it was important to hold such an important discussion because the South Pacific remained one of the smallest contributors to global carbon emissions yet faced some of the most devastating consequences of extreme weather patterns.

“Climate change is an issue that the Oceania region understands because we are already going through it,” he said.

“Last year we met as primates of the Anglican communion, where we had to take leadership initiatives on. It is everyone’s priority now because we all suffer from it one way or another.”

Dr Halapua said this was the first time for the Oceania region to host such a gathering and believed Fiji was the best place for the three-day meeting.

“Next week’s meeting will be a golden opportunity for us to make our voice stronger and more effective and to have it heard and understood on an international stage,” he said.

“One other purpose of the meeting would be for the provinces, which according to us are Australia, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia, to hear about actions taking place in their respective parts of the Pacific and co-ordinate and unify around that action.”

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