Church talks same sex marriage

THE leader of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Polynesia, Archbishop Winston Halapua, says the discussion surrounding the topic of “same sex marriage” is challenging, but the church needs to take responsibility of it.

Archbishop Halapua said feedback on the issue would be discussed at this week’s general synod.

“We cannot function in isolation as we belong to a body of Christ,” he said.

“It is a challenging issue, but we have to take responsibility with the help of the Holy Spirit.

“They are updating us where the voices are so we are to look again at the voice of his church and we have to speak voices that come from different parts of these dioceses,” Archbishop Winston Halapua said.

He said that discussions on “same sex union” was still ongoing and that the church had put aside groups termed as the “way forward” to discuss such issues.

“One is that all the nations who are in these dioceses have Constitutions and the constitutions of Tonga, Samoa and Fiji say clearly where they stand,” Archbishop Halapua said.

“Our position is that the constitution of different island nations already articulates where they stand and as different parts of the church today, this is a different time it is year 2017 what do our people say and that is why we come together.”

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