Church hit by kava threat

Rev Jiare Hanismaoi Viliame, the trophy as the Prinicipal's Prize for the Academic Excellence from Dr Rev Epeneri Vakadewavosa, President Methodist Church in Fiji during the graduation at the Davuilevu Theological College. Picture: ATU RASEA

EXCESSIVE kava drinking and smoking by church members is driving the faithful away from the Methodist Church, says church president the Rev Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa.

He said the flock were fleeing for spiritual reasons because they did not agree with the attitude and habits of some church members.

He said overindulgence was the biggest threat to the growth of the denomination and people were expressing their disappointment with their feet.

“Many people are leaving the church and going to other churches because of this issue,” he said.

He made the statements while addressing the Davuilevu Theological College graduation ceremony last Friday.

Dr Vakadewavosa said excessive consumption of kava and cigarettes were also a contributing factor to non-communicable diseases — the number one killer in Fiji.

He said this was further exacerbated by the fact that people no longer valued their traditional foods and methods of cooking.

The Methodist Church head said many were addicted to fast food and beverages such as soda and soft drinks.

He said people were increasingly falling sick because of decreased consumption of organic food and increased usage of genetically modified food.

He also talked about how human rights and the rights of children had resulted in some parents being incarcerated.

He said some human rights policies undermined Christian values, customs and culture.

Some parents, he said, had been sent to prison by their children because of the breach of rights.

“We have lack of respect and most people are aggressive and rude,” said Dr Vakadewavosa.

“Some parents do not instil good manners in their children.”

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