Chung motivates disabled persons

Fredrick Chung has been part of the Wheel-a-thon organised by the Spinal Injury Association and is encouraging people to donate for this worthy cause. Picture: Vilimaina Naqelevuki

PERSONS living with disability should not be shy to come out and take part in such initiatives such as the wheel-a-thon, says Francis Chung who has been part of the initiative since 2014.

“I have reminded my brothers and sisters don’t be shy. If you want to take part in sports go ahead, that’s what I did in my young days,” Mr Chung said.

Mr Chung was part of the table tennis team that travelled to Australia in 2015 to participate in the International Table Tennis Federation Oceania Championship.

“You take part in sports and believe in yourself and don’t worry about what other people have to say.”

He says an issue faced by youths living with disabilities is the lack of support shown by their parents.

“Even the national day of disabilities that was held, only the students and teachers were taking part. That’s very sad,” he said.

Mr Chung reminded all persons living with disabilities not to worry about what other people think.

He said people also should support what the Spinal Injury Association had worked for over the years.

“If you see us on the road from December 8 onwards please just donate what you have. This is for the administration work for SIA,” he adds.

“So I am pleading with the people of Fiji to lend a helping hand because after all, persons living with disability they are the ones who come to SIA for assistance.”

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