Christian values taken out of proportion, says padre

SOME Christian values have been taken out of proportion causing poverty in the iTaukei communities, says a senior Methodist Church leader.

The church’s deputy secretary general, Reverend Ili Vunisuwai, said the perception that being poor built a better relationship with God was totally false.

Instead, he said God was the source of everything and there was no excuse for poverty.

He told chiefs and district reps of Macuata at the provincial meeting this week that God, whose name is Jesus, was the King of Kings and the source of wealth.

He said more Christians believed that if they were rich, they would not have a good relationship with God.

“Poverty is not godly because God’s kingdom means growth, prosperity, success and good things only,” Mr Vunisuwai said.

“It’s the time that the iTaukei communities rise up and move away from a life that always depends on Government for assistance. We need to change our mind-set and prepare and save for our future and our children.”

He shared that for the past eight provincial council meetings attended with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, it was always sad to see chiefs and iTaukei leaders hold themselves highly during discussions.

“It hurts me to see chiefs and iTaukei leaders look good and behave like chiefs during the council meetings, but after that what they say and how they behave doesn’t reflect any character of the God we serve,” Mr Vunisuwai said.

“As leaders you need to change your lifestyle because the vanua and the people will look up to you and in order for change to happen, it has to start with you.”

“Today we the iTaukei communities face a tough challenge and that is to eradicate poverty among us. We need to stand together and help our people to change their mind-set and be matured when dealing with resources.”

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