Christening of vessels

The shipping industry news this week had a piece on the christening of two new vessels in Suva. The vessels are a barge named “Clossus” and a tug boat “Burdekin”. Both vessels are owned by Victoria Marine Ltd.

According to the report, “Victoria Marine Ltd also owns MV Sea Rakino and MV Brianna.

The MV Sea Rakino does the franchise run for northern Vanua Levu, servicing Malau, Udu Point, Cikobia, Naqelelevu, Rabi and Natewa Bay.

The MV Brianna runs the franchise route for Northern Lau. It serves Vanuabalavu, Yacata, Cikobia, Tuvuca, Cicia including Lakeba and other islands.

The director of the above company is a Josateki Tagi. He has had a colourful career in the maritime industry in Fiji. He is a former director of marine. A marine engineer by profession; a good one at that. He is relatively quiet but not reticent. One can easily miss him in a crowd.

He is one that does not seek attention. His entrepreneurial skills, although new in the business, speak for themselves.

In the report, Jo Tagi says, “We hope to develop our own route and our own clients focusing more on infrastructure development not only locally but regionally too.”

To those that know Jo Tagi, reading his comments, one can visualise his usual virtue of being soft spoken and humble; the hallmarks of a gentleman.

Jo Tagi is the son of former education officer and Methodist Church Minster, the late Epeli Tagi.

In retrospect, I believe Jo does take after his late father, not only in mannerisms, but in his commitment to serving the people of this country.

May I through this column say this to Jo Tagi and his company, congratulations on your noble achievements.

You are an excellent role model to all Fijians and you make us proud.

I salute your courage and commitment to the shipping industry.

May all your vessels find a safe port after every journey.

May you continue to be successful in your pursuit for excellence.

Finally, contrary to the view touted by FBC TV, you have shown Fiji that we, the iTaukei, can also read English!

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