Choosy beggar

From time to time we get beggars coming to Kava Place to ask for money.

Some offer to do work.

One elderly chap had his cane knife nicely wrapped up. I didn’t need any work done so I just gave him money and he very reluctantly went away saying that he could work for the money I gave him.

One time a chap came home and asked for money, and I gave him a cane knife to weed the garden and he said that if he needed work he would say so.

Last week he came to my house again and when he saw me, he said, “Oh boso, you still staying here?” And he went away.

Anyway, while we were in Suva a few weeks ago, a well-dressed beggar came to the house we were staying in and asked for $20.

How about that!

He was told to wait outside and someone went into the room to bring the money, when the person returned, he was sitting on the settee and reading a magazine.

At Kava Place, beggars know not to enter the compound. We usually hear them calling from the gate.

And I never invite them into the compound, you never know where their eyes will be going.

Anyway, back to the beggar in Suva, he was given $10 and offered a glass of water.

He said, “You got juice, mix it with ice water please.”

He was politely told to go or the police would be called.

I doubted him. A sophisticated beggar.

As he went away, we knew that he was a con artist so we sent him on his way with a “juice jiko vei iko”.

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