Choose wisely

Update: 12:48PM FIJIFIRST party president Dr Jiko Luveni has urged every Fijian to choose wisely in the upcoming election in order to prevent more political upheavals.

Addressing Qauia residents in Lami last Thursday, Dr Luveni said people
should understand what democracy meant and what their roles were in a
democratic government.

Speaking in the iTaukei language, she said Fiji had experienced four coups
that all happened straight after an election of a democratic government.

She said if people supported the leadership of a democratic government, then
they should be happy about those whom they had elected into government.

Dr Luveni was present at the Qauia Methodist Hall with Mere Vuniwaqa who is
also a party candidate.

She said the FijiFirst party was committed to putting an end to the coup
culture and also to strengthen areas where previous government had not been
able to address.

She said the party promoted uniting the different races that have called
Fiji home for several years.

Dr Luveni said every Fijian should participate in the September 17 election
because this would give them the opportunity to elect the political party they
wanted to lead them into the future.

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