Choose the best tyres

Bridgestone has special truck tyres that come in a number of pattern ranges namely, running, cross and lug pattern. All these come in the 900 x 20 pattern range and each pattern has a distinct purpose for trucks.

Bridgestone tyres are durable, reliable and made of high standards of quality. They are manufactured to the best technologies and made of bias-ply rubber which is good for off-road driving.

In terms of cost per kilometre, Bridgestone ranks amongst the best, with economical returns on each dollar spent giving you better mileage in the long-run. So investing in Bridgestone tyres is quite advantageous to you.

Bridgestone tyres are also manufactured using most advanced tyre production technologies and tested quite extensively before they are marketed worldwide. There is also considerable less wear and tear. With its good durability, it can withstand cutting and tearing as well as tread wear resistant.

Additionally, there is excellent stability and precise steering response even on the toughest road conditions. Bridgestone tyres resists wear and tear of travelling the harshest roads. And bold confident tread design punctuated by large gripping. Each truck tyre is designed to carry appropriate weight and loads.

Experience has also seen that Bridgestone tyres are quite hard to puncture, although Asco Motors does provide free puncture repairs for Bridgestone tyres. We also provide free fitting for truck tyres and after hour service.

Bridgestone tyres are also available all over Fiji with our five branches and resellers across the country.

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