Choose a variety of healthy foods

EATING healthily is important but choosing the right foods can be confusing.

These were the words of Emosi Navunisinu who believes that choosing a variety of healthy foods will help make your meals interesting, so that you don’t get bored with your diet.

He said choosing a variety of foods from within each food group was important because different foods provided different types and amounts of nutrients to the body.

Shopping for the Navunisinu family is done weekly with the retail shopping done daily.

Family shopping is done by him where he always makes sure he only takes the budgeted cash to the supermarket because it helps him stick refrain from impulsive buying.

Before he goes out shopping he said he usually scans the pantry and refrigerator to see what he needs before he heads out to shop.

He adds that he knows what to buy in what quantities and how to ensure it all fits within his budget.

“I usually spend $100 on groceries and $10 on fruits which are bought from the market,” Mr Navunisinu said.

He shops at MHCC simply because it’s where he works and they also have fresh produce and a good range of products.

Their grocery list includes sugar, rice, flour, noodles, chicken, milk, tuna, tinned meat, cooking oil, bathing soap, washing soap and toothpaste.

Mr Navunisinu said it was good to shop around for deals and to check The Fiji Times Friday’s edition — to maximise on special offers. Like any other ordinary family, he says they placed a lot of emphasis on healthy choices because a healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness.

Mr Navunisinu added that it was important that supermarkets stocked up more local produce and local products since options were necessary.

He said having meal plans for the week was important because it ensured you had balanced healthy meals.

“The more our families eat locally grown produce, the more healthier they will become and the fight towards NCDs becomes easier.

“It starts with the family. The preparation of healthy balanced meals and daily exercise is important which is why your grocery shopping and the items you place in your trolley matters.

Buy more local and less processed food. Support our farmers.”

He advised the public to always shop smart, healthy and refrain from buying unhealthy foods.

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