Chip off the old block

Name: Junior Narendra Rao

Nick name: Nare

Occupation: Footballer

Date of birth: 27/06/1995

Hobbies: Swimming, listening to music

Playing position: Central midfield

Originally from: FSC Ba

Height: 1.74cm

Weight: 75kg

Which Primary School did you attended and year? FSC Primary School Rarawai, Ba (2000-2008)

Which secondary school did you attended? Ba Sangam College (2009-2012)

Did you play for your school in primary level: U10, U12, U14

Did you play for your school in secondary level: if yes which tournaments. U15, U17, 19

Which district you play for: Ba

Debut district team: Ba

Which national levels have you come from?

FIFA U20 World Cup 2014, National U17 and main Team

Who is your favorite player local and why? Malakai Kanehewe, he inspires young and new talents who comes in the team.

Who is your favorite player international and why? Andrea Pirlo, has good vision and a good player with knowledge.

Your best moment in football: Beating Honduras for U20 World Cup

Your worst moment in football: Lost in the last game of u20 to qualify

Who is your toughest opponent? None.

What advice you will give to young footballers: Keep working hard and achieve your goals.

What is your favorite drink? Water and Coconut juice

What is your favorite food? Lovo

What is your favorite music? Pop

Who is your best actress? Kajol

Who is your best actor? Shah Rukh Khan

Who is your best buddy? Manasa Nawakula and Antonio Tuivuna

Who inspires you? Mum

Who’s your most annoying teammate and why? Praneel Naidu, he always teases me and makes me angry every time.

What’s your worst habit? Sleep for late.

What’s the funniest moment in your football career? Missed a penalty in the Sangam IDC final two weeks ago.

What’s the proudest moment in your football career? Participating in the FIFA U20 World Cup and representing my country in the national team

What made you play the position you are playing? My dad used to play and he inspired me to play.

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