Chinese pay respects to fallen loved ones

AS it drizzled at the Chinese Cemetery in Suva yesterday, the Chinese community burned incense and made offerings for family members and friends who have passed on.

Members of the Chinese community gathered at various cemeteries around Suva, Lami and Nasinu areas to celebrate Chung Yang — a festival that is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar.

Chinese Association of Fiji president Jenny Seeto said it was a special occasion for the Chinese community in the country as they gathered to pay their respects to those who have departed into the next life.

Ms Seeto said the special occasion was marked by every Chinese around the world and in Fiji it was done twice in a year.

“It’s a time to give offering to those loved ones that have departed. We burn sweet incenses, offer food, clothes and paper money, as we believe they will use them in the next life,” she said.

“It brings people together to remember loved ones and to do something very special for them.”

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