China shows interest in local herbal medicine

CHINA has shown interest in iTaukei medicines with specialists willing to work with their Fijian counterparts to develop them for pharmaceutical use.

Pacific Blue Foundation local director Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba said talks had begun with Chinese pharmaceuticals on the possibilities of developing iTaukei herbal medicine.

Roko Josefa said this followed instances where iTaukei herbal medicine had healed people of diseases that could not be addressed in hospitals.

“It is too early for me to divulge more, but talks are underway and the Chinese counterparts are eager to work on these herbal medicines,” Roko Josefa said.

“The foundation has been working with herbalists in Fiji to gather information on local herbal medicine.

“What we found was amazing because the potency of plants that surround us can even heal cancers and other diseases that Western medicine cannot treat.

“There have been practical examples where people have been healed of their ailments from the use of traditional herbal medicine.”

Roko Josefa said Fijians did not need to look further or get expensive treatments because the answer to their sicknesses was out there outside their backdoors.

“However, there are things and processes that we need to go through before we can achieve these plans,” he said.

“This is part of the foundation’s ideology in using traditional knowledge to address the problems of the future.”

Former health minister Jone Usamate earlier said they were working on a framework in the hope of using herbal medicine in the health system.

Mr Usamate said the ministry had engaged the services of a World Health Organization consultant to establish the potential of herbal medicine in a health system.

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