China eyed as niche market in Pacific tourism industry

China eyed as niche market in Pacific tourism industry. Picture: RNZ

SUVA, 07 FEBRUARY 2019 (RNZ PACIFIC) – The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) says it hopes to develop a niche market for Chinese tourists in the region.

Fiji Tourism has set its sights on big spending tourists from the Greater China Region.

Direct air links are yet to be set up between China and the Pacific but for the Chinese New Year, charter flights are being run to Fiji and New Caledonia.

The chief executive of the Organisation, Chris Cocker, said the industry is still trying to learn about China and its culture.

“We are not looking at large numbers in this case because our focus would be looking at niche in the Chinese tourist market and looking at more sustainable development in growth and looking at high value/low impact tourists from the Chinese market.”

Chris Cocker said 2019 has been designated China Pacific Tourism Year.

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